Ben May | Maidan Revolution Anniversary - Kiev, Ukraine
I arrived in Kiev, Ukraine on the first night of the anniversary of the Maidan Revolution (also known as Euro-Maidan). People we singing, flags were flying, candles were being lit amongst thousands of flowers and pictures of lost loved ones; it was both exciting and sobering. The revolution began in November of 2013 and culminated in February 2014 as the people of Kiev protested the government's decision to not join the European Union, despite the nation's desire to join. What was intended as a peaceful protest - like the Orange Revolution of 2004 - turned into a tragic city centered battle between the citizens and the military/police. In the end over 100 people were killed from either side. Now, surrounding the remains of burned down buildings, are fences covered in photographs taken by locals of that week in February, they are some of the most incredible and moving photographs.